Rantings of an Arranged Mind is a website collecting the online fiction of author G.S. Williams.


Welcome to the place where the stories clamouring in my mind come out to play.

My name is Gavin Scott Williams. I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on: fairy tales, comic books, novels, dictionaries, encyclopedias, you name it. They were worlds of words, little islands of imagination, places to explore. Well, these are my islands. I invite you to explore. It took me a lifetime to write down this “map” of the terrain in my head, and I still don’t know what lurks under all the rocks and shadows. Here there is adventure, and mystery. Here there are monsters, and angels, heroes and villains.

These are the worlds in my imagination. I want you to come see them. I want to share the dreams, the undiscovered countries inside my mind. Places of shadows and light, of rage and love.

I invite your comments and critiques, so the topography of this place becomes richer, so I can see what it means to other people. Because I have lived here my whole life, and I finally found the courage to share the experience. Give it a chance, and see where it takes you.

No Man an Island is my first complete novel. It features the relationships and adventures of eight friends who survive a plane crash in the mountains, only to discover that they're experiencing visions. Spiritual mysteries abound, and eventually they are caught up in battles between good and evil for the fate of the world. For those who are interested, you can also check out the original website, at No Man an Island

Trepidation of the Spheres is the sequel to No Man an Island, to see what happened next.

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin revolves around the title character as he meets the mysterious Calla Wiley, who claims he's going to die in less than a year. Smitten with the young woman, who passionately kisses him, Diggory is entirely perplexed when, the next time he sees her, Calla has no memory of ever meeting him.

The Winner of the "New Story Poll" in the top menu was The Samaritan Project, as chosen by readers. It's a serial story with comic-book roots, of a government conspiracy concerning the creation of superhumans for a mysterious purpose.

Oh, and here's my webcomic project, Animal Krackerz which is a webcomic featuring animals doing some political satire, observational comedy, and generally just being sarcastic.

A warning to readers: the novels contain scenes of violence, and sometimes strong language. Please use your best discretion. I would like to emphasize that both language and violence are a part of my writing because they are a part of reality, but in all honesty I'm not comfortable with either as an individual.

However, by most accounts, I write a great fight scene, so go figure.

(anyone wishing to contact me can do so at gavin_strider at yahoo.com)