If Diggory and Calla finally become intimate, how should it be written?

With Adult Content and a warning label for the sexual themes
42% (40 votes)
With taste and tact, and most of the action "off screen"
31% (30 votes)
Their affection should remain unconsummated
1% (1 vote)
Obliquely -- give readers a hint of the steamy situation, without being too graphic
23% (22 votes)
With Matt the Pimp watching (Ewwwwwwwwwwww!)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 96

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Lol, the internet has spoken.

Lol, the internet has spoken. Moar Calla pron!

apart from the desired pron,

apart from the desired pron, I also think their affection shouldn't be consummated as I like how they're together right now. Also because what if a random plot twist makes them like luke skywalker and princess leia? they'll be screwed. literally D:

Joke votes?

I put up the Matt the Pimp option as a total joke -- a tongue-in-cheek gag for readers. Now it's actually been voted for -- which I never really expected. It would certainly be a weird story development.

Based on a sample of n = 3, a

Based on a sample of n = 3, a threesome with Matt the Pimp is twice as popular an option as no consumation at all.

Since you've brought it up, Diggory and Calla's dates have been exceptionally chaste so far. There's a lot of room to maneuver between this and Tales of MU... ;-)


Diggory and Calla kissed on their first date, when he dropped her off. They kissed again during their picnic. Calla's kissed him since then at the coffee house, but I don't know if those count as "dates," really. I guess that's not fast-paced, but Diggory seems to be letting Calla set the pace, and she didn't even want a relationship at all when they first met. She seems to be still putting herself back together.

Matt Watching

I voted for the Matt option for several reasons. I think you are a good writer and would like to see how you put that into the story. I have my own ideas.

I thought with the lack of moral character Matt often shows it would not be outside of the possibility that he would be where the couple did not know when they consumated their relationship.


The horrible thing was, as soon as it was voted for I started coming up with scenarios where he would be watching, just as plot twists. Given how often I drop surprises on the audience, or leave them with cliffhangers, it was pretty easy to come up with ways to involve Matt. But still, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Don't mistake my vote

I'm not saying they have to consummate. I see no problem with them remaining sweet and innocent for quite some time. Their relationship is anything but normal at this point, so I couldn't even guess where it's heading. The author gets to choose his content. I leave that entirely to him. I, the reader, have merely been given the opportunity to chose a PG-13 rating.

As a small incentive, that would enable me to purchase the series to give to my wife. My ToMU addiction is (or depending on the interwebs, used to be) a secret of which she might not approve.

Luke & Leia. Heh.

Lulu Editions?

Just picking up a hint based on Da9iel's "small incentive" comment, I'm putting out feelers here to see how the audience would respond to Lulu print editions of The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin?

I'm thinking of editing Book One into a small edition, and go from there. Any comments/suggestions?


So the voting has closed. I am very pleased with the amount of voting, 96 interested readers is great to see. So, here's an interpretation of results:

95 people want Diggory to have sex. 40 of them want to watch. 3 of them want Matt to watch. 30 want the action off screen, and 22 want to see some of it, without being too graphic. One voter wants Diggory and Calla to stay unconsummated in case of a Luke and Leia situation.

Well, since I'm the author, I'm going to interpret that as 53 voters overall who don't want me to suddenly start writing graphic adult content. 40 or 43 of you would prefer some erotic literature. I'll probably do whatever I want. :P

But I agree with a lot of the comments that it hasn't really been a part of the story thus far, and stylistically might not make sense. We'll see what happens. After all, I didn't call this the "Consistent Life and Death of Diggory Franklin."




I wish i had been around for this (I'm very far behind on my reading as of late) I totally would have made it 4 for matt XD

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