Chapter 38: See how she leans her cheek upon her hand!

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

As Calla confessed her love for me, I felt shaken. It was almost like a physical blow to my stomach, except that it was pleasurable instead of painful. It shook my world. This warm feeling crept from my centre up my spine, and then turned to shivers. I felt moisture in my eyes, which was wholly unexpected.

No one had said they loved me in a very long time. My parents weren’t frequent with the sentiment, and none of my relationships had ever really lasted long enough. This was utterly unknown to me, but deeply reciprocated.

“I love you too,” I whispered.

Calla, kneeling on the bed, slid her hands along my waist as she leaned up to kiss me. Her lips, so soft and moist, met mine again in a stronger, more intimate way than ever before. I slid my hands through her blonde hair as our tongues greeted each other, softly entangling.

Her fingers danced up and down my lower back along my spine, sending sparks up my nervous system. I could feel her hands trace the outlines of my muscles, as if she was memorizing the shape of my body. I wanted to know the roadmap of her skin as well, so I ran my hands down her back until I found the edge of her sweater, and I started to pull it up. Calla wiggled in cooperation until the garment was flung across the room and then she was leaning back to remove her brassiere.

It was absolute bliss when she embraced me again, skin to skin, as her warm curves moulded against my hard muscles. I felt a growing fire between us, burning yet sweet. We kissed and kissed, and then her hands were tracing my waistline again, as I nuzzled and nibbled her neck. I felt my pants being unbuckled and heard her giggles as I wriggled free and dropped us both onto the bed.

“I didn’t know I’d ever feel this again, Frank,” Calla whispered as we joined in the dark, her mouth against my ear. “I love you.”

“I didn’t even know it was possible,” I whispered back. “But I never want this to end.”

We became explorers, finding new depths of pleasure and new treasures of passion and love. We left no stone unturned in the dark as we found our way to each other, two lonely people suddenly no longer alone.

I slept deeply for what seemed like the first time in weeks. So it took me awhile to register the soft sound of crying as I woke up. I could see by moonlight coming through the bedroom window that Calla was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding herself. I sat up slowly.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered. I reached out to caress her back and Calla started, almost jumping away from my touch.

“Please don’t!” She sobbed.


“Just… I can’t do this, Frank…” She walked away from the bed, wiping her eyes. Calla went to the closet and pulled out jeans and the sweater I’d bought her.

I sat on the edge of the bed, shaking my head to clear the cobwebs out. I was still half asleep, but coming to the realization that this wasn’t a dream. Something was wrong.

“Calla, wait, we can talk about it. Whatever’s wrong…”

“I made a mistake. I can’t… Please just stay there!” She held up her hand as I tried to get up, hoping to comfort her. Calla pulled on the sweater and zipped up her jeans, and then she bolted from the room.

“What the hell?” I said angrily to the room. I felt cold in my stomach, like all the heat of our evening had been drained, leaving me a hollow shell.

I groaned and fell back on the bed, covering my face with a pillow and screaming into it. I didn’t know what was going on and Calla had me worried. Waking up in the middle of the night, hearing her crying, and the sheer confusion of it all… It was just overwhelming.

Eventually I caught my breath and sat back up again. I didn’t know what to do. Should I chase after her? Go home? Wait until she came back?

I got up, still feeling shaky, and then started to look for my clothes. We had tossed our garments everywhere in our passion, and I wasn’t sure where mine had ended up. I found my shirt first, but the pair of pants a few feet away from it belonged to Calla. However, they jangled.

She had forgotten her keys.

I decided to stay put. Calla would have to come back sooner or later, and I could then let her back in. Otherwise she would be locked out until Bianca returned to the apartment. Maybe then I would be able to see if she was okay, and possibly get some explanations.

I knew Calla was mourning her family and had kept her feelings locked up for a very long time. But everything had been going so well for us lately. I just wanted things to work out.

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Very nice blend of passion

Very nice blend of passion and affection.

Poor Calla. Everyone she cares about gets killed.

Balance is everything

I was doing my best to meet the needs of the scene, and keep in mind the style and content of the rest of the story. I don't know if it works for everyone, but that's the risk a writer takes, am I right?

I think it was perfect, It

I think it was perfect, It fit with the story and that's what matters the most. Not what the crazies who read the story WANT to see, but what the story as a whole Is meant to be.

new reader

I recently started reading this, and read all four books in about a week. Now I have to wait, just like everyone else. *sad face*

If no one's mentioned it yet, a plug was posted here:

It was from there that I and a couple others found the story. Feel free to check out that forum, if you like.

Welcome Lightdefender

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I will definitely check out novaseer, and a big thanks to whomever posted the link there.

Well, you didn't satisfy 3

Well, you didn't satisfy 3 people, because as far as I know Matt wasn't watching.

Ewww, Gross!

Yeah, where is that Matt guy?

maybe he's saving it for a

maybe he's saving it for a bonus chapter later on.

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