Book 4: The Extraordinary Romance

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

Diggory Franklin met Calla Wiley in Book One: Not Your Average Love Song. In fact, he met her twice, and fell in love with both incarnations. One turned out to be a time traveller from the future.

In Book Two: The Irregular Action Hero, Diggory faces the terrorist Zebediah, who has destroyed the Franklin Investments building, murdered Diggory's father, and now has plans for the younger Mr. Franklin. The CIA and FBI of the future get involved, and lead Diggory to the future and the past.

Book Three: An Unexpected Tangent, saw Diggory return to his own time period, only to live through the same weekend where he met Zebediah a second time. Dealing with the paradox of being in two places at once, Diggory learns of a mysterious uncle Andrew from his drunken mother, starts romancing Calla, faces Zebediah again, and hears of his nefarious plans for America.

Now begins Book Four: The Extraordinary Romance, where Diggory will have to see if he can evade Zebediah, the CIA and the FBI, in order to consummate his romantic relationship with the enigmatic Calla Wiley.

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