So ok,
I sat down today, found your site and read your No Man an Island story... took me about 10 hours but I read it all. First great story I really did enjoy it, one part that bothered me, well one of two was when Ethan got attacked at the meat factory. Then he ran into those two ladies and the wisked him away to school, I mean the police had no follow up questions, or how about how suddenly there were all these dead bodies with all their heads cut off? I mean I just assumed he hid their bodies or something.

But what really bugs me is the end, I reread Aftermath and Lost chapters a few times and i'm also kind of assuming here that Ethan struck with his sword at the right time so that the angels can open and close the gate at their will. But in ur first Lost section you wrote "Spacetime ran in a circle." does that mean this story keeps happening over and over again? And then when he is in judgement I get that it was Jesus dying for all his sins but when you wrote, "I am struck by blinding light, raise my hands to protect my face, and am lost once again." i'm thrown off by the "and am lost once again."
I took that the blinding light to mean that he passed judgement and was going on his way to heaven but the lost once again just... throws me off.
Unless after your lost chapter we should read the The Ending one, which does make sense to me, in a way...
I don't know, I blame the fact that it is midnight, maybe it will make all sense in the morning for me. But once again thank you for the amazing story and any clarification on your part would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again,

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Thanks for your comments

Thank you for your post, Michael, but your confusion is entirely my fault. No Man an Island is a complete novel, but I haven't posted every chapter on this website yet. I started my web-fiction "career" on www.nomananisland.wordpress.com more than a year ago, and posted the story in its entirety there. I've been moving it here one section at a time, because of time constraints, and also because the drupal system this site works under is different than wordpress -- I had to learn some new formatting tricks for certain chapters. So, even though you've read everything here, you haven't read the whole story -- I think I have 10 or 12 chapters still to move. Those sections should make a few things clearer, but the "spacetime ran in a circle" connecting to "The Ending" is a very good clue to the overall themes of the story. Nicely done!

awww jeeze, alright, looks

awww jeeze, alright, looks like I have more reading to do. Thank you for letting me know.

NMAI complete

The posts are all up for No Man an Island, finally! The complete novel is now here in its entirety.

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