8. A Way Opens

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

If I was going to remove the Wileys from Boston and hide them, they would need money. I wasn't sure how much -- enough for a nest egg to start over? Or like a million dollars, so they'd be comfortable? Any significant amount of money was going to take a lot of work. If I got them just start up cash, they could move somewhere and start jobs...

I shook my head. Nope. They had social security numbers and stuff like that. You couldn't just start from scratch. I would need to find a way to fake identities in such a way that the government would believe it, or get them a whole lot of cash. CRAP.

This wasn't a situation where I could just work a day job and hand them money. I needed a LOT. What was the best way to do that?

I walked around downtown Boston all morning, trying to think. I had all the time in the world: since I could time travel, I could get started after I planned everything. I just needed to think through more details in my plan. Step one was accomplished, I had substitute bodies. Step two was money.

I glanced at a news-stand and tapped my chin in thought. I could use stocks, if I could get some capital. It would be easy to buy and sell when I knew the future. What was the best way to get capital?

Calla had funded school through her adoptive parents' life insurance and selling their house. In her journal Calla wrote about me visiting her and borrowing a couple thousand dollars. That was several months away, but would it be enough to get the plan started? I could just bounce forward to there and start improvising.

Or maybe that visit held clues as to what I could do first! I had told her I was involved with organized crime and gambling. I had bilked some poor sucker out of money, and his life was in danger. Some of that might have just been details to deceive Calla, but some of it might have been true. What if I used underground gambling rings to help finance my plan?

I wasn't sure how to fake an I.D., how was I going to get involved with organized crime? It wasn't like I had a friend I could call.

I scratched my head.

Diggory Franklin had a friend like that! Matt Pinard, also known as "the Pimp."

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