3. Weird Details

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

Calla's journal was less useful than Mr.Franklin's, overall. She split her time between her lab and him, so most of her entries just showed a different perspective on the same events he experienced. It was useful to know her emotional context: I learned that she kept growing closer to Mr. Franklin and wrestled with her emotional connection to him out of loyalty to me and "the plan."

I felt bad that I put her in a position like that. It seemed like I convinced her to help me defraud Mr.Franklin, and our con was that I would be Calla from the future and get him interested in her. Little did she realize that there was actually such a thing as time travel, and that he was interested in the real her. It was a complicated plan -- I had to trick my sister so she'd spend time with Mr. Franklin and they could fall in love, which was what he thought was going on. I suppose simply telling her the truth, "you need to date this man to save the future" was out of the question.

I thought about that, and realized it would sound crazy to my extremely rational sister. And given her vulnerability around relationships she wouldn't necessarily be open to dating -- so I had to con her more than her future husband or there would be no wedding. Weird. So she was going to feel torn between her loyalty to me and her feelings for him, assuming that the plan was to hurt him, when really she wasn't going to hurt him at all. I caused her all this future grief and hair-pulling because I couldn't just be honest.

However, on the bright side, it seemed to make her adamant about her choice -- Mr. Franklin got shot in a bank robbery and while he was in the hospital she determined that she was going to allow herself to love him completely, no matter what the obstacle. It was like adversity had forged a stronger bond between them, and if things had been simple maybe that wouldn't have happened.

So I felt bad about it, even though I hadn't done anything yet, and at the same time I could accept it as part of the mission because it worked out in the end. Time travel missions were crazy shit!

There was more craziness. Johnson showed up throughout Mr. Franklin's journal, along with Agent Jameson of the Federal Bureau of time Investigation. There was a Jacobs at a court trial, and I wondered if that was the same guy who was on my Mission Planning Committee. It seemed a little too convenient. It seemed like the Continuity Integrity Agency was doing everything it could to push Mr. Franklin towards something.

Unfortunately, I didn't know what. The journals were just excerpts. Mr. Franklin's seemed to start only after he met Calla, and the sections I had ended when he spent time in jail. He was erroneously charged with felony murder after he foiled a bank robbery, and Jacobs' involvement with the trial indicated that it was manufactured as more adversity. But to what purpose? I wondered how I could find out.

Calla's journal was harder to figure out. She tended towards short entries or none at all if she was working in the lab or on projects, whereas she was loquacious when she discussed events featuring Mr. Franklin. So I couldn't tell if there were gaps, but by context it seemed like she either didn't write about her reactions to some things, or deliberately left them out. I wondered what I could find out about that too -- would I be able to visit her in the past? I needed to find out the rules.

There was more going on than met the eye. I would do what I could to complete my mission and avoid suspicion from the CIA. But I also wanted to get to the bottom of it.

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