1. Bedside

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

I pulled a chair over to Frank's bedside and sat down. I wasn't letting him out of my sight, if I could help it. I could have sworn he had been missing from it just a few minutes before. Something wasn't right.

It was almost funny, feeling so much concern for him. I had avoided attachments for so long. My sister had targeted him for an elaborate scam, and my robotic personality was supposed to make me perfect for her scheme. And here I was, crying over him.

Frank had risked his life for me. I never knew anyone could be so devoted. So now I was doubting how much I trusted my sister. She had set up the bank account and the deposit and withdrawal schedule that took us to that branch that day. And there were other things that didn't add up: for one, Frank only had access to his family fortune because his parents were dead. They had been alive when she conceived the plan.

What kind of "fortuitous" coincidence was it that both of his parents met their untimely ends after she picked her target?

There was someone else involved, sure, he had picked Frank - but Dahlia had gotten the two of us involved. What had she had to do that I didn't know about? I thought back to what she had told me in the summer, trying to remember.

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