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Planning my schedule

I have to figure out my priorities when it comes to stories, so first of all I'm wondering if I should temporarily pull the plug on the Samaritan Project and maybe bring it back or reboot it (again) later.

I need to know where the audience is on this, (if there even is one) and then go from there. I have always let this one slip but I don't know how people feel about the story itself.

Once that's settled we'll look at the direction of "Diggory" as well, but I'll keep posting "Trepidation of the Spheres" every two weeks.

Never clicked for me

Not sure why, but when my RSS feed tells me there's a new post on this website I'm a bit disappointed to find it's an SP post

I understand that

Samaritan is problematic for me. I like the characters, they have been in my head since I was 11 (some of them in some form or another). But the format of the story has never built any kind of "groove" where I'm comfortable and writing a ton and getting ahead -- and that lack of momentum is evident in the lack of posts and would contribute to reader boredom, I'm sure.

I think there's something there worth pursuing, but not in its current incarnation -- that's just my personal "feel." It may need an overhaul and reboot, and some serious thinking to create a better format that "works."

That would take time, so with a need to continue "Diggory" and a personal desire to keep working on "Trepidation of the Spheres" (henceforth ToTS) means that, unless there's an overwhelming audience desire to see Samaritan chapters, I may put it on hiatus until I can redesign the format to my liking.

I like it, but most of that

I like it, but most of that may be because it's a different story. I also like that it's a little faster paced. I'm not really into reading the same story from different perspectives, so I've had a hard time getting into the diary and ToTS.


I assume you mean The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin when you say "diary" because the naaration is supposed to be his journals. However, books 1 through 10 are the same narrator so you don't have to worry about switching perspectives there.

ToTS just started, but it is a sequel to NMAI which has a lot of narrators, but at least it is completed. I see how SP is faster paced, though.

I enjoyed the story from

I enjoyed the story from Diggory's point of view, and later Dahlia's. Just couldn't get into it from Calla's perspective (ya, I meant journal instead of diary). I thought ToTS was retelling from Mara's point of view, but maybe I just haven't read enough of it yet.

I'd suggest finding yourself a good artist friend and turn the Samaritan Project into a graphic novel or something.


Mara is telling things that never happened in NMAI (other than Ethan in the graveyard) because she wasn't there the first time around. Why there's a second time around is kind of the question...

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