Summer Update -- Schedules, Sick Kids and Spiderman

I've been extremely busy at work since my new promotion, taking on new projects and trying to see them through to fruition, which hasn't given me a lot of headspace for creativity lately, and I owe readers an apology for that just because there haven't been updates and there were supposed to be.

I'm working hard to address that, but I have to carve out free time which is difficult with five kids at the best of times -- and all of mine have had ailments of one kind or another this summer. Nothing too serious, but enough that it makes us scramble to get things sorted out. I can't remember when I've had a calm moment.

We're attending a family wedding this weekend, so no downtime -- but today I managed to squeeze in seeing The Amazing Spiderman, just because I needed a break. I have to say I liked everything about it and was completely unimpressed.

Now, that sentence might seem kind of contradictory -- and you'd be right. But context matters -- the film as a whole is well-done. The actors put in good performances, I liked Dr. Connors and the Lizard, and the new Peter Parker was well-chosen. The fight scenes and Peter's training with his powers are fun to watch. However, this "reboot" offers virtually nothing new to the Spiderman franchise -- other than an on-film involvement of his parents' disappearance which has been incorporated into his origin and backstory. There's no new dramatic weight, it's just a more realistic rehashing of your usual Spidey-story -- with the same emotional beats as the original. Instead of avoiding Mary Jane for her own good, Gwen's dad makes Peter promise to avoid his daughter to keep her safe -- and in both cases, that intention won't last long.

Spidey is a classic so I wouldn't want to mess with his origins anyway -- but seeing them again in a barely redone form didn't impress me one iota so soon after the last trilogy. I hope they have fun with the sequel, because re-watching the origin didn't work -- and I see no problem with just dropping into a Spiderman movie where he has to face a villain while balancing his life. Spiderman 2 was the best of the last trilogy and we didn't need an origin story to enjoy it.

However, all that being said, Peter reveals his secret identity an awful lot for someone wearing a mask to protect it. Found that weird....

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