9. Actions have Consequences

The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

“What's going on?” I asked my twin sister, Dahlia.

She put her elbows on the cottage's kitchen table and ran her fingers through her hair. Dahlia looked exhausted. I sat down and moved my chair close to her.

“I really screwed up, Cally,” she told me. “So bad.”

Dahlia templed her fingers together against her lips and blew on them in frustration. Then she rubbed her face a few times and sighed.

“I told you I'm undercover,” she said finally. “I have these mob connections, and I had to get in good with them to find the information the feds wanted. To do it I baited in a fish, but now they want to fry him.”

“Pardon?” I asked, not grasping the terminology she was using.

Dahlia sighed again. “I had to run a con job. Pick a target, lure him in, get his money. That was the only way to earn the mob's trust again, after taking off. So I got in, all right, and I learned that they want to rub this guy out because he's late on payment for some debts. Debts I pretty much caused, so I'm the reason he's going to get whacked.”

She almost sobbed and I saw her employ self-control, taking deep breaths and stifling the feelings. I tried to think about what she was telling me. Dahlia had apparently learned how to be a bit of a criminal in our time apart, and now the natural consequence of that was that there was a victim about to get hurt. Actions had consequences. However, she was supposed to be working for law enforcement, so her intentions weren't all bad. That didn't prevent the consequence, however, but it meant that my sister still had a conscience, especially if she was reacting this way.

“Is there anything you can do? Warn him, maybe?” I asked.

She shook her head. “They know where he lives, his family... Somehow they'd make him pay. But I thought of a plan. I convinced them to give me a couple of months to help him pay it back. But I'll need your help.”

“My help?” I asked. “What can I do?”

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Just for the record, the last

Just for the record, the last few posts' series of interactions between Dahlia, and Calla are where the whole "flashback to Calla's version of the story" really begins to pay off for me. I get to see what's been going on in the background behind what happened to Diggory.

I knew that it would happen, but I had no idea when.

Just for what's that worth.

Worth a lot

Yeah, it's been a long time coming, especially when you consider that the story started in 2008. It's been a lot of planning, and I hope readers like what they're seeing. Comments, as always, are VERY appreciated -- they make me want to write more.

The problem with the Calla section has always been how to keep it interesting, when she's the "mirror" of a lot of what Diggory has already narrated. Times like these, where she has different experiences, are the best for this section -- but it's a struggle to keep the same events interesting a second time.

I often wonder if I can "skip" to different things but that wouldn't seem "realistic" -- Calla has no idea you've already read about her life from Diggory's perspective, she's keeping her own private journal. She only records important events, usually caused by Diggory, because her daily life without him was basically study, research, work, eat and sleep. That stuff I skip.

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