State of Disarray

So I've sat down probably 100 times in the last few weeks to write an update or a blog post only to be interrupted. Let's see if I can get through my third attempt today.

In March we had twins, which makes life pretty busy when you already have three kids. There were some complications that resulted in being in the hospital for more than a week, and then a nurse visiting our home for almost two months. Mom and babies are fine, but for awhile required more care than usual. That meant disruptions in my work schedule, dealing with the other kids, and a lot of variety in our sleeping patterns.

Then, just as we started to run a little smoother, our daughter got pneumonia. It was caught in an early stage so she's doing well too, but she still tires out and it wasn't fun at first.

I got a promotion at work and that kept me busy because we had this big audit and I had to track all the work orders on our computer system, which was a big learning curve on your third week on the job. All in all it went well, but it meant that I could hardly sit still for a while.

While typing this I had to change two diapers and deal with a three year old who bit his tongue and my wife is calling me for some other purpose I will discover in two minutes.

Long story short, I will be trying to write an update this week and develop some kind of schedule, but things have been crazy. I'm trying to get it all under control, so please bear with me.

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<3 it's been a long road, i


it's been a long road, i love everything you've written and appreciate the time you take out of your insanely busy life to draw us a picture into the worlds in your head.


Holy smoly, Calla and Dahlia

Holy smoly, Calla and Dahlia have calm, sedate lives compared to yours.

Escapism ?

You know, I wonder if there's an inverse proportion law to drama in the story versus drama in my real life -- like maybe the story gets exciting when things are sedate and then slows down when my real life is chaotic.

Some people use writing and reading for escapism, is one theory, to make their lives more entertaining.

However, my life might blow that theory out of the water considering that I have five children, we coach Special Olympics soccer and deal with Autism, Downs Syndrome and developmental delays every week, have chaos at work on a regular basis, plus overall extended-family drama like weddings, funerals, break ups, fights, divorces, and general insanity.

So, there isn't really a slow period that would account for escapism for the sake of drama. And I don't write Zen-like calm stories to counteract the insanity of real life, either. Hmmm....

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