So I'm working full-time days, which is going really well. My wife is now 8 months pregnant with twins, and everything is good -- she's looking forward to the end but she's healthy and they're growing beautifully. My other kids are busy with school and daycare and that was smooth until this week when everyone got a fever and some flu, but they'll be fine and back to normal soon.

I've managed to do a little writing, which is nice, and I'm hoping that will become a more organized and steady thing, we'll see. Once the twins are born all bets are off, so keep your fingers crossed that things become routine fast.

All in all, it's been a busy fun time but nothing super exciting yet -- we're waiting for the excitement to come, really.

In the meantime, I've seen two things that I really enjoyed: the "preview" episode of the new television series, "Touch, and the trailer for the movie "Chronicle."

"Touch" doesn't start until March, but they aired the pilot in January, I guess to tease audiences. It features Kiefer Sutherland as the widower father of a mute boy whose mother died in the towers on 9/11. They consider the child autistic, which always gets my attention, but he has a unique way to communicate through numbers, which seems random at first but more coherent by the end of the episode. The premise behidn the episode is how all lives touch and intersect, kind of in the quantum mechanic physics nature of the universe, and this child can see the mathematical patterns. It's fascinating stuff and I recommend you check it out in March when it comes back. I hope that episode 2 lives up to the awesomeness of the pilot.

"Chronicle" is a new movie about to come out where three friends get super powers (I'm guessing from aliens, though the trailer isn't 100% clear on that, intentionally I'm sure). The thing I liked about what I saw in the trailer was that these teenagers use their growing telekinetic abilities the way teenagers would -- for fun, pranks, experimenting, and with very little sense of responsibility. It looks like some might learn morals the hard way, while others might get corrupted by their vast power. In any case, it's a nice new twist on the usual superhero movie, even down to the semi-realistic way it's been filmed. I want to check it out.

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i saw the touch

I really enjoyed it. I had not heard much about Chronicle but am looking forward to seeing it.
Have you heard of the show ONce upon a Time I only ask because I know you are into fantasy and mythology and it is one of my new favourite tv programs. Until next time Gavin.

Not much time for Once upon

I grew up with fairy tales and fantasy so I'm semi-interested in Once Upon a Time's premise but I haven't made the time to follow it as of yet.

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