How to watch the same movie twice and enjoy it both times

So this week I finally saw Thor/Green Lantern and I really enjoyed the plot. A reckless yet charming warrior makes an irresponsible move and is banished/fired. Then he loses/gains a cosmic weapon of vast power and travels through an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) to an alien world. Once there he has to learn their strange ways and some humility in order to become the hero he was always meant to be. His love interest helps soften him up and get his priorities straight. Then he defeats the secondary villain by surrendering, showing his softer side, and regains his cosmic weapon as a result, and opens up a can of whup-ass. Then he defeats the real villain, earns the respect of everyone who thought he was irresponsible, and returns to his place in the heavens as a deity/space cop. There are hints of a sequel.

Hector/Loki has an interesting side story of disappointing his powerful father and developing his own powers and confidence, albeit those powers are used for evil instead of good, and ultimately that selfishness proves to be their undoing.

It was good both times, though I was a little confused that one time it was Marvel and the other time it was DC, I thought they were different companies. ;)

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I saw them both too, but

I saw them both too, but didn't think about how similar they were beyond noting that they both seemed to be about jerks who became less jerkish by the end. Admittedly that's an oversimplification, and I actually enjoyed both movies.

I even found both characters entertaining so the jerk part is okay too.

That said, I was relieved to find that Captain America had a different character arc, one that gives me hope that next summer's Avengers will be good.

Superhero binge

I really liked both Thor and Green Lantern, I just found it strange that they had almost identical emotional arcs, and remarkably similar plot structures. I've always liked Ryan Reynolds and I appreciate the Lantern's power source -- will and imagination.

Thor was a pleasant surprise -- Hemsworth did a great job as the god of thunder, and Branagh's a solid director.

I just finished X-Men First Class, and it was indeed first class as a film. Magneto and Professor X are a formidable pair in all of the X-Men movies, and the young actors that play them when they were friends live up to their predecessors. I can somehow picture Magneto as a future James Bond, for that matter. Classy but dangerous.

I still need to see Captain America, and I'm glad he's different from Thor or Iron Man (who was also and still is a bit of a jerk -- a wonderfully fun jerk, when Downey Jr. plays him) so I have hopes for Avengers too because the personalities are all different and hopefully the chemistry is there.

My two nit-picks are that they changed the Hulk AGAIN when I thought Ed Norton did a fabulous job (much better than Eric Bana) and Captain America is apparently the Human Torch, which is just dumb when they're supposed to be in the same universe. They couldn't find somebody else?

Oh that reminds me

My dad collected comic books and for some reason in the 90s we had a magazine from Marvel that was kind of a yearbook, referencing all the major events of the past year kind of like a Time Magazine or something. Only it was a very humourous book -- the ads were of comic book characters selling made-up products the same way celebrities are in magazines here for watches and cars.

One of the articles was the Look-alikes -- how Daredevil's villain the Owl looks like a middle-aged Wolverine, and Johnny Blaze looked like Nomad. The funniest look-alikes were Captain America, Ant-Man, the Human Torch, Hawk-eye, Donald Blake (Thor in human form) -- because they're all blond, blue eyed and Caucasian. The article used the same picture for each one and said "The Aryan race is alive and well, comprising the core of the Avengers."

It was hilarious.

since i see

you appreciate superhero stuff so much the next story once you are done with the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. if you ever are should be a superhero story Gavin. And again I should have noticed all the many similarities you mentionned but perhaps seeing them a month apart influenced that. Anyways always like to get scraps of thoughtful writing of any sort.

oh and a shameless plug

not of anything of mine because I am not that talented an author by any means but: a writer Patrick McClean has this book called "how to succeed in evil" about a villian eficiency expert, and the cast of characters he is with on a daily basis, and is coming out with a sequel that I am majorly excited about. The book I am referencing can be at times funny and satirical but the ending is quite dark and poignant, so in my mind similar to this story Gavin.


I'm (slowly) already at work on a superhero story on this site, The Samaritan Project, if you check the home page. There are 3 and a half books already up.

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